Lysol Precision Blend System


3 Compartment Sink System


Indoor Billboard now offers the Precision Blend Mop Sink and 3 compartment sink systems from Lysol Professional! Benefits include…


  • A portfolio of highly concentrated products
  • Low in-use cost – pennies per gallon
  • Minimizes waste


  • LYSOL® – the #1 disinfectant brand that customers will recognize and trust.
  • Standardization – same range of products for all your facilities


  • No manual mixing required – equipment pre-mixes solution which minimizes employee risk
  • Built-in air gap backflow preventer helps against possible backflow
  • Built-in water flow regulator allows for filling mop buckets and/or trigger bottles quickly and easily

Exceptional Support

  • Expert product and installation recommendations
  • Education and training available from Lysol and Indoor Billboard
  • LYSOL® “Clean & Confident” signage displays your dedication to using LYSOL® products

3 Compartment Sink installations are also available!

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