Why you betcha!?

When my father Mel Shulevitz arrived in Oregon in 1976 he noticed things were different here. The fresh air, stunning mountains, and beautiful coast were almost as foreign to the young man from Detroit as the happy, helpful citizens of this strange land with their smiles and can-do attitude. To this second generation laundryman, all that was great and wonderful about the Pacific Northwest could be heard in a phrase previously unknown to him: “You Betcha!”

Indoor Billboard was started with the spirit of “You Betcha!”. Today, that spirit of “You Betcha!” lives on in the employees of Indoor Billboard. It is in everything we do. “You Betcha!” is the first thing you will see when we pull up in one of our delivery vehicles. It is in the way we treat our customers, as family.“You Betcha!” is how we go about every aspect of our business.

Can you expect excellent service with quality product at competitive prices from Indoor Billboard? You Betcha!


Jim Shulevitz, Vice President

3rd Generation Laundryman