Bib Aprons


These aprons come in white, black, and green and are worn around the neck with ties in the back.  They are excellent for kitchen staff and food service applications.

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This apron comes in black and white colors and folds in half to allow for four clean surfaces, worn around the waist with ties in the back.  Excellent for servers and wait staff.

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Inventory Management – We offer real apron inventory management on our bib and 4-way apron rental service, counting received soil and delivering what was turned in the following week at your next delivery.

Lower Minimum Billing % – At Indoor Billboard, inventory maintenance isn’t an arbitrary charge.  We physically inject new towels into your inventory every week to replace what is damaged, lost, or destroyed.  This system allows your actual physical delivery to match your invoice totals and reduce the chance of running short of on hand inventory.

Flexible Inventory Levels – Our customers can track what they are using since we show delivery counts every week.  Adjust inventory levels based on your needs is as simple as a phone call at any time to our office.  With IB, we put you in control of your rental program!