Kitchen & Bar Towels

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Indoor Billboard offers multiple grades of kitchen and bar towels for use in restaurants and other food service environments.  

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Micro Fiber Towels

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Micro Fiber towels offer superior cleaning attributes, low lint, excellent durability, and are great for use in a wide variety of situations.   

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Shop Towels

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These all cotton towels are very durable and perfect for machine shops, auto shops, or any grease and heavy soil applications.   

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Inventory Management – We offer real towel inventory management on bar and micro-fiber towels.  This includes counting received soil and delivering back to you what was turned in the previous week.  And low minimum billings allow you to have more product on hand but not be charged unless you use it.  

Inventory Maintenance – At Indoor Billboard, inventory maintenance isn’t an arbitrary charge.  We physically inject new towels into your inventory every week to replace what is damaged, lost, or destroyed.  This system allows your actual physical delivery to match your invoice totals and reduce the chance of running short of on hand inventory.

Lower Minimum Billing % – IB has a lower minimum billing than the large national companies, which typically charge anywhere from 50 to 100% of your complete inventory.  In many cases, this allows our customers to have extra product on site, available if they need it, without paying for it unless it is used. 

Flexible Inventory Levels Our customers can track what they are using since we show delivery counts every week.  Adjust inventory levels based on your needs is as simple as a phone call at any time to our office.  With IB, we put you in control of your rental program!