We offer a wide range of paper towels and towel dispensers to fit the needs of your facility.  From motion activated  hard wound dispensers to touch free center pull and multi-fold products, our reps will evaluate your facility in person and recommend a system best suited to your situation.  Our custom analysis will show you how much you can save annually over your current dispensing system. 

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Hand care

From hand soap to hand sanitizer, we have a wide range of options to choose from.  Foaming or lotion soap? Do you need anti-bacterial hand soap or is standard soap fine?  Alcohol or alcohol-free hand sanitizer? Manual or touch free dispensers?  Wall or stand mount dispensing systems?  We even have industrial grit soap options for heavy duty hand care applications.  Each business has its own requirements and we will help you choose the right system for you and your customers.

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bath tissue

Not all spaces are created equal.  That is why Indoor Billboard carries several tissue options that range from economy to high quality to a balance in between.  From 2247 ft single ply jumbo rolls to 2-ply mini-jumbo tissue or perforated home style rolls, we can get a quality and style that you will be happy with.  And with single and dual capacity  dispensers, we can find a system that will compliment your space and décor.

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